Civil Defense

Civil litigation involves a dispute between two parties which may include another person, business, or government entity without any criminal charges.  These types of cases ask the court to award damages or prevent a party from taking action or force a specific action. Such types of civil litigation include divorce/alimony, child custody or support, debt settlements, discrimination, small claims, breach of contract, and landlord/tenant disputes.  Generally civil litigation can be resolved with mediation or a case evaluation but can also be accomplished through neutral communication. 

The nature of civil cases can be stressful to navigate, allow someone who can listen, apply the law, gather the necessary evidence, take the proper legal actions, and bring the case to a conclusion while you can be relieved of the burden.  Kimberlyn has a natural ability to facilitate not only a lasting relationship with you but create a cooperative dialogue to manage your case in a timely manner.  Call today! 1-614-636-6964, Kimberlyn is ready to take your call!