Estate Planning

Medical Power of Attorney

When circumstances arise that you have suffered a medical condition that the capacity to make decisions regarding your healthcare, have you designated the individual(s) that you wish to carry out your wishes?  Often times, we are unaware that such a need will arise but can occur without any notice.  To be proactive and selective of a representative to execute your final wishes, a medical power of attorney will serve to stand in your place to make difficult decisions. 

One important aspect of a Medical Power of Attorney is the need to not only verbally communicate your wishes but have written documentation for your representative to rely upon in a time of need.  Under circumstances which leave you incapacitated, the designate, generally a family member, will be under duress given the magnitude of the occurrence and can refer to your explicit directions without doubt or confusion.  At the same time, by having a medical power of attorney, your healthcare decisions are not being made by a physician whom you may or may not be familiar. 

Living Will

In life there are a few certainties that we can count on occurring, some we can plan for.  As you know, our health is one circumstance that can change at any given moment leading to serious conditions that require decision-making for yourself or a loved one.  Who knows you the best and what your wishes are?  Did you know that without a medical power of attorney to make those decisions when you are physically or mentally unable to do so that a physician will order all appropriate interventions to guarantee life safety?

A Living Will is a document that expresses your wishes when difficult health choices are necessitated because you are in an incapacitated state from an injury or illness which prevents you from making the decision.  The Living Will acknowledges your desires as to whether or not you wish to receive life sustaining measures to include nutrition, medications, mechanical ventilation, assigns your medical power of attorney, and any comments you wish to include about your medical care.

Durable Power of Attorney

Have you ever considered that in the event of an emergency that leaves you unable to perform financial tasks like paying your bills or withdrawing cash from the bank who will do this for you?  A durable power of attorney is another component of estate planning that names an appointee that you have selected to perform your financial business when you are unable to do so.  The Durable Power of Attorney (“DPOA”) will only be executed when you are unable to make financial decisions for yourself from banking transactions, handling billing and payments to any legal transactions.  You are able to stipulate the terms and conditions as well as limitations for when the DPOA can be used.   


In our lives, there is no task that is more important than preparing for our own death.  Estate planning entails setting a plan for protecting your assets while living and providing a detailed summary of how you wish your assets to be assigned after your passing.  One small fact that many forget to consider is without a will, the Ohio court system will make that determination regardless of your family’s wishes or prior verbal promises. A Will ensures your legacy and final wishes are carried out regarding who receives your assets and property. 

The process of creating a Will does not have to be complicated or a tedious process for you to overcome.  With Kimberlyn’s guidance, your Will becomes a proactive tool for your future needs eliminating the confusion encountered by spouses, children, or any business interests at a time of grief.  Allow a compassionate and understanding attorney to guide you step-by-step so your desires are carried out with an airtight, legal document.  Kimberlyn has a calm and re-assuring presence aiding in expressing your final wishes. Give her a call today at 614-636-6964!