Personal Injury

Every day accidents occur while at work, shopping, and driving as a result of the negligence or complacencies of others.  Serious injuries with short and long-term implications can be sustained from falls, dog bites, and traffic accidents (auto, truck, and motorcycle) at no fault of your own.  Unfortunately, the consequences of an accident can leave a financial burden for you to bear for medical expenses (current and future), lost wages, and physical and emotional pain.


A slip and fall accident can occur at any time on another individual’s property whether residential or commercial, especially when the circumstance is a violation of Ohio safety statutes.  This type of personal injury occurs as a result of a dangerous condition causing you to suffer bodily harm requiring you to seek medical treatment either recovery is short or long term.  You are entitled to compensation for any medical costs (hospitalization, doctor bills, physical therapy), lost wages, and physical and emotional suffering as a result of the fall and medical treatment. 

Dog Bites

 Dog bites can have serious injuries at the hands of a careless or negligent dog owner and can have medical and legal challenges.  As a result of a dog bite, injuries can be costly to treat and the recovery delayed with reconstructive surgeries, depending on the severity.  Ultimately, any injury is the responsibility of the dog owner to compensate you for your injuries.

Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents  

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported 245,120 auto accidents and nearly 60,000 injuries in 2020.  Car accidents and injuries sustained may be a common occurrence but so are the challenges of navigating your legal rights while recovering and finding a new normal.  Often times, motor vehicle accidents leave the driver with long-term medical needs, expensive medical costs, lost wages and/or employment, physical and emotional suffering, and an inability to perform activities of daily living (personal care) without skilled assistance. 

While attempting to recover, the insurance company will be attempting to settle with you as quickly as possible.  Beware, the quicker the attempt to settle is a covert implication of a guilty admission.  The primary goal is for the insurance company to settle a claim as fast as possible with a payment of as little as possible.  Using pressure tactics (most commonly appearing helpful) to ensure you do not receive your entitled benefits, insurance companies will rely upon any information received from you against you, even when a remark is irrelevant. 

If you or someone you know need assistance in navigating the overwhelming legal challenges after a motor vehicle accident, please wait no longer.  Kimberlyn can take over your concerns and recover damages through mediation, negotiation, or trial.  Give her a call today at 614-636-6964 so you can focus on your recovery!